Her husbands death was a sinking ship buried under sand in the bottomless ocean floor was her pain….


Cara (Queen of Egypt)

No one will hear you

And it was a good story to tell

Right above the wishing well

Simple and trusted truth

Rooted beneath my hidden waters deeper

Than a ocean floor could find a explorer

I stood by the wishing well while my tears

Begin to fall and it over flowed over me

I drowned in my sorrow and I looked up

Far into the distance and the sun was

Peaking at my face, the darkness grew over

My body starting from stomach and

Spreading to my face, I closed my eyes

I dream of bees and giant trees arrayed in

The sunlight with great brushes of breeze

Was my pain

No more melodies played in my head

I wished for the end to come

I wish to disappear, this world is made

Of scum and lies told by the riches glorified

By the Earth, I have not a fit or a train to

Run but a course to finish and a journey to


I Am passionately in love with Thee, Yahushua, powerful enough to collide a world.

 Great enough to stop a massive force headed towards destruction, distant enough to remain patient.

Incomprehensible to a soul……. to a man…

Obsession with the thought of living in the presence of love passionately, whole heartedly, everlastingly existing on its own, yet remains unknown to those imagining it, unimaginable, unspeakable, beloved. 

Love Beyond The Man

Adam. RedMan.

He is my Adam.

When I close my eyes I feel him moving all inside of me.

He is always there watching me, the way he looks at me, the stare awankend my soul, sweet and gentle to my spirit. It puts me away and draws me in close to him

My love…

I want to follow him where ever he goes. 

He loves me beyond the word love.

I am his and I belong to his body. 

Moon lovers my heart beats on top of his heart pound. 

The sound of passion and the feel of existing with one true love. The body made for my love…