The power of the mind

Maybe this should not be announced out loud right! because then minds will start to wonder how good your sex is. Sex with Me by Rihanna is my favorite song on her album “Anti” and every time I listen to it I get a explosive electro charge in my brain. Not sure if this is safe to listen to but automatically I disengage with reality and go inside my brain to perform this song! That is how much I love it. The mind is very powerful!

Sex positions

Many sex positions are dangerous and can result in demonic portal access.

  • Fellatio (oral sex performed on a Man)
  • Doggy style
  • Woman on top of the Man
  • Anal Sex

Just to name a few…

If you want your sex life to be more love making and less lust making. I would not recommend any of these sexual acts performed. WHY?! I know you are thinking this is “okay” this is normal because the world presents this as okay, or maybe how you grew up led you to this continual thought pattern, whatever the case, it is very dangerous for your spiritual walk.

Lets begin

These positions are being played under extremely high demonic energy. Over and over again. Legions upon legions upon legions of wicked spirits and demons have exposed humans to these type of positions in order to ruin the previledge and spiritual connection of love making between Man and Woman. 

In other words, we have been doing it all wrong for a very long time by which this negative energy feeds on each time it is performed, therefore gaining power to take over human minds. This negative influence and energy is operated in the unseen world (supernatural) and the seen world (physical interaction, natural) due to the spirits that believe and partake in these acts. 

The porn industry is a prime example. Many spirits that work in the porn industry are under santanic control, therefore being used to manipulate the minds of Gods chosen people and to drag them into dark spiritual realms. They do so by demonic portal access, each time these sexual acts are being performed.

New International Version-Bible

Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral. Hebrew 13:4

The souls operating under this thought pattern can easily be used by demonic activity. Spirits and demons can operate inside you and enter in through portals at any moment to attack you spiritually.

That is through…

  • Spirit (spirituality the path you walk)
  • Body (biological) DNA RNA
  • Soul (psychological,the mind) How you think, thought pattern

Psychological warfare is powerful and the war is right before us every awakened day

New International Version- Bible

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2

To be continued….

More on the dangers of sex and how to conquer the flesh….


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