We all want LOVE !


Everyone wants to fall in love or be in love but how does one stay in love? We have all engaged with the thought of love and associated it with sexual pleasure.

Love is the complete opposite of “good happy feeling.” Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurts? Love is extremely painful and hard work.

Agape love- Agape love is the highest form of love, sacrificial, unconditional, and universal. For example, the kind of love Jesus has for His Heavenly Father by sacrificing his flesh for all of humanity. The passion in suffering for His Father results in conquering powers of man.

Mi Mi Love Life !


How could you love someone so much you are willing to sacrifice it all. By all I mean your deep dark hidden truth or just being able to let a fart slip out in front of your significant other on the first date “WHOOSH” glad that is over. No but seriously “ISSA JOKE” but what I am trying to say is love starts with loving thy self. Learning to love all the bad things about yourself and all the good and compiling it into your superhuman masterpiece!

Is He The ONElove

I believe in love at first awareness, ever looked at a man child boy (I have not come across a man yet at my age, just my Dad) continuing… and thought “YES HE IS THE ONE” I can surely handle this beautiful piece of sunlight forever and could you see God in his eyes?

Well, I surely have had this wonderful experience but then came the thrush of thunder exploding in my brain and at that moment every one else knew too. My first powerful goody feeling of love at first awareness and it hit me like a stampede of wilderbeast running across the temple of my forehead.

The pain in this story comes with sacrificing time, being patient and putting the explosive excitement of love and being in love with another light form and transferring that energy into loving thy self. Love yourself!


  • Look in the mirror ( stare into your soul)
  • Talk to yourself (no you are not crazy)
  • own up to mistakes you have made during the course of your life  (AND AVOID THOSE MISTAKES)

Continue to move forward and grow with your new self you are making everyday life awakens you.