Cara (Queen of Egypt)

Her husbands death was a sinking ship buried under sand in the bottomless ocean floor was her pain….


No one will hear you

And it was a good story to tell

Right above the wishing well

Simple and trusted truth

Rooted beneath my hidden waters deeper

Than a ocean floor could find a explorer

I stood by the wishing well while my tears

Begin to fall and it over flowed over me

I drowned in my sorrow and I looked up

Far into the distance and the sun was

Peaking at my face, the darkness grew over

My body starting from stomach and

Spreading to my face, I closed my eyes

I dream of bees and giant trees arrayed in

The sunlight with great brushes of breeze

Was my pain

No more melodies played in my head

I wished for the end to come

I wish to disappear, this world is made

Of scum and lies told by the riches glorified

By the Earth, I have not a fit or a train to

Run but a course to finish and a journey to


Circular Ring

Why did we die, Why did we die

My love, my love, I hear your cries

I feel your pain, I feel the hurt

It wills to not go away, Runaway runaway from me

They say

My love cries for me

I say

I will not see my future ahead of me until

My love is freed from this circular ring


Love Beyond The Man

I Am passionately in love with Thee, Yahushua, powerful enough to collide a world.

 Great enough to stop a massive force headed towards destruction, distant enough to remain patient.

Incomprehensible to a soul……. to a man…

Obsession with the thought of living in the presence of love passionately, whole heartedly, everlastingly existing on its own, yet remains unknown to those imagining it, unimaginable, unspeakable, beloved. 


We all want LOVE !


Everyone wants to fall in love or be in love but how does one stay in love? We have all engaged with the thought of love and associated it with sexual pleasure.

Love is the complete opposite of “good happy feeling.” Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurts? Love is extremely painful and hard work.

Agape love- Agape love is the highest form of love, sacrificial, unconditional, and universal. For example, the kind of love Jesus has for His Heavenly Father by sacrificing his flesh for all of humanity. The passion in suffering for His Father results in conquering powers of man.

Mi Mi Love Life !


How could you love someone so much you are willing to sacrifice it all. By all I mean your deep dark hidden truth or just being able to let a fart slip out in front of your significant other on the first date “WHOOSH” glad that is over. No but seriously “ISSA JOKE” but what I am trying to say is love starts with loving thy self. Learning to love all the bad things about yourself and all the good and compiling it into your superhuman masterpiece!

Is He The ONElove

I believe in love at first awareness, ever looked at a man child boy (I have not come across a man yet at my age, just my Dad) continuing… and thought “YES HE IS THE ONE” I can surely handle this beautiful piece of sunlight forever and could you see God in his eyes?

Well, I surely have had this wonderful experience but then came the thrush of thunder exploding in my brain and at that moment every one else knew too. My first powerful goody feeling of love at first awareness and it hit me like a stampede of wilderbeast running across the temple of my forehead.

The pain in this story comes with sacrificing time, being patient and putting the explosive excitement of love and being in love with another light form and transferring that energy into loving thy self. Love yourself!


  • Look in the mirror ( stare into your soul)
  • Talk to yourself (no you are not crazy)
  • own up to mistakes you have made during the course of your life  (AND AVOID THOSE MISTAKES)

Continue to move forward and grow with your new self you are making everyday life awakens you. 





It Feels GOOD…Lets do it Again!

Dangers of SEX (Continued), “it feels good but it hurts the inner pieces of my TRUE spirit (the invisible me)


“Though it may feel good, internally it could be damaging”

Jhene Aiko is one of my favorite artist! Her soulful, gentle and sweet voice sets me at ease.



Five thoughts that come to mind when you hear “sex is a dangerous practice and it should be handled delicately.”

  1. Sex is fun and any position is manageable
  2. What are demon portals (will provide a link on this later)
  3. How are sex positions dangerous if it feels good
  4. Doing the same position is boring

How to not bore your sex life

Sex was not created to be performed all the time! And not everyday because you feel like it or lets face it maybe you have a sex addiction. LOL. We must find ways to control our fleshly desires and that is by dipping our bodies in a tub of ice cold freezing water and sitting in it for several hours until we can no longer feel, JOKING HA…(do not do that).

Lets fast against the things our flesh enjoys. If you are in a intimate relationship, practice living the relationship without sex and watch their actions. Can he/she love you without sexual interaction? How are you to know if your relationship is not solely based  on sex?

What to do!

I know this may sound lame but it will open up your mind….

  • picnic dates (pretty traditional but fun)
  • gym dates
  • walks in the park or run ( Play tag, chase each other, bring out the inner kid)
  • meditate together or pray
  • movie dates
  • Slow dance (Ladies! Don’t push your booty on him)
  • Video games (teach each other how to play)
  • Deep conversation (exchanging hidden truth about one another)

Train your body! You plan on being with this person forever? The sexual engine can run dry if you continue to practice it and what are you going to talk about then? How much sex you had?

How to renew your mind…What to fast against

  • Favorite artist or any music (give your brain waves a break)
  • Favorite T.V. show
  • Practice abstinence
  • Discover a secret place (away from people)
  • Practice sober living (to fight back temptation and to develop a conscious thought pattern)

SEX POSITIONS (lets switch gears, a continuous from my last article)


Biologically the man was designed to hunt, hunt for the food and made as the protector of his Wife and children. He was to hunt for the woman and once he finds his perfect rightful one, the two make love with the man trampling over her (missionary) and the two look into the eyes of one another (the eye is the window to the soul) making there intimate and passionate spiritual exchange. (Love making makes love babies)  The spiritual exchange is the ultimate package into becoming one flesh, one body and one soul. IT IS REALLY REALLY DEEP and sacred for those two creating it.

New international Version-Bible

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD. Proverbs 18:22

That is why a man leaves his Father and Mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. Genesis 2:24


The woman dominating the man makes him WEAK. The man loses pieces of his manhood and his stride becomes weakened due to the woman continually trampling over him “taking control” which the woman was never designed to dominate the man but to be a helpmate and lead him into manhood.

New International Version-Bible

The LORD God said, “it is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”  Genesis 2:18



 Let Him Find You.


Women should not be searching for a MAN.

Women use Men, Men use Women, and somehow sex is caught in the middle. If you find yourself in a relationship where you feel like you have to give your body away in order to keep your boyfriend, girlfriend, boo-thing, husband, wife, significant other, whatever, COMMUNICATION is key, and if that does not work find a way out.

People are in sexual relationships with their own family members. The POWER of sex has captivated so many people in the world and some people do not know how to get out. (its simple, just talk about it, forgive and move on)

Sexual family ties & Soul bonds

Free yourself from sexual bondage and sexual soul ties (break the chains)

  • Find the inner pieces of your true self hidden deep inside your heart.
  • Go back to your childhood (remember the excitement, the zeal, the readiness for adventure)
  • Meditate on good occurrences

Distance yourself from people who are not going in the same direction as you. (Though this may be challenging, but the need for space is crucial and super beneficial for your future endeavors and GROWTH)

Sex is a fun topic, and sex feels good when the connection is right and just about everyone I know has engaged in the act, however, we do not realize, nor do we see the internal damage sex has done to our body, mind and soul. The intertwining and mixing of two different souls awakening supernatural entities that we do not see in the natural and physical world. However, these things do manifest overtime.

Spirituality or Carnality

  • Ask yourself what are you feeding your spirit?
  • What are you feeding your flesh?
  • How to take care of the two without leaving one dying of thirst.

Take care of your body, nourish and cherish it.

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? You are not your own. 1 Corinthians 6:19

To The Women (young adults)

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a virgin when I got married but life smacked me in the face real quick because that did not happen and I am currently single as ever and have not really given marriage too much thought, probably because I AM NOT READY. It is work enough trying to figure my ever growing self out let alone trying to figure out another individual. I left my thoughts about marriage to my Heavenly Father; my Mother has taught me to trust God in all things and to pray for my husband (future husband) where ever he may be. Only God knows, he probably has a whole girlfriend, or dealing with his own internal issues, whatever the case may be, I know God is molding him into the man of my dreams.

Self Balance

Though I am not perfect, I still make mistakes, but I am learning to limit my mistake making by practicing self-control. Practicing self-control helps me to not fall back into sexually based relationships, which I am fearful of, sex binds you to a man and the only man you should be bind to is your husband. No Women should be out here looking for a husband. If he loves you he will wait for you, never feel like you have to give your body away in order to please a man sexually. MEN love to chase (top secret information) if you did not know now you know, men are like DOGS, they like to hunt and they need to be trained and if they mama ain’t do it, don’t even waste your time. Continually feeding your man sex will not help him grow into the man you desire.


Love does not equal sex. Sex is a spiritual connection, the First Union between a Man and a Woman made by God The Creator of the Universe.



In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. Ephesians 5:28


Escaping Fun

Running Away



When things aren’t going my way (The Little Mermaid is one of my FAVORITE Disney movies) Side note: I really do believe there is an evil octopus witch lady trying to ruin my life. lol

Okay, so to start I am a 24-year-old college student living on campus. Yes, I am old to the young and young to the old. I purposely lived in the fast lane and school was like a whatever I’ll go type of thing to please my parents. I love to enjoy my fun; however, fun is not a priority in my life right now. I don’t get drunk every night like I once did after work with my boyfriend (ex) waiting for me to get off. I lied he never waited for me but sometimes he cooked dinner. I lied again, he never did that either, well every once in a while if we had grocery shopped and we never did so I think I ate at work most times. Any who, I now know the meaning of the saying “work hard now and play later” I completely did the opposite in reverse, I played hard and now currently working hard, laugh out loud. I really smiled. (HA). I always had a job people, I was never just out here living without funds but still four years ago, I had no plan of survival and now I do, well at least an idea of how I want my future to be.

Seasonal Change

I change each season, I swear, just two years ago I was sleeping on the floor in a two-bedroom apartment sharing a small space with a friend (ex) and her two children. I did not have my own room; imagine trying to make a move on your man on the floor with a tiny television directly in front of you on a barely standing luggage container. Imagine waking up to a 5 month old with poop running down his back, and the horrid smell in the early morning. I bet all you baby mamas can relate jk jk lol. Shout out to all the single Mom’s out there, just from that small experience I feel the struggle and frustration. There is a good ending to this story, I promise and I will probably lie about most of it but you will never know (smiles creepy). I also remember (two years ago) begging my boyfriend (ex) to pick me up from work and that was like pulling teeth out of a squirrels’ mouth and you know squirrels need their teeth right (chuckles). I was in bad situation after bad situation and I had a sea full of pride to not go back home, which back then I considered a hell mouth cave. I lived in reality of “what Myrina wants she gets and it’s my way” and my parents were not rockin LOL. I am rather semi spoiled and blah, America (DMV) and my Mom made me this way. (Sorry Mom), my Dad had nothing to do with this.

Growing pains

Lately I have been experiencing growing pains, for example, during the summer I walked into a store called Olive Ole and my stomach started to hurt. My stomach felt like bees were swarming around and stinging me on the inside. I would describe these clothes as incredibly cheap and low quality material; however, I once enjoyed this style of dress just like three or four years ago. I bought a dress recently from olive ole and instantly returned it because I no longer feel comfortable wearing this style of clothing. I used to keep up with the trends and was popular in girl world, which include a more exposed way of dress. Crop tops and skintight leggings and mesh top (see through), which girls love to wear in order to show off their nipple rings. Which every girl has by the way, well almost every girl. Point proven it is just not my thing anymore! Ya dig?

Currently I enjoy creating my own look, which is t-shirt, and boyfriend jeans, unfortunately I cannot let leggings go and gym clothes are even easier to throw on and the comfort OMG. IN ADDITION, I LOVE HOODIES AND SWEATS, and wearing black and GREY, but I cannot dress like this every day because people will soon start to think I am depressed and will off myself at any moment. These days when I shop, I am conscious of what I am revealing on my body. “You are what you attract” therefore if I want to attract a BO$$ I must look the part (giggles). My makeup obsession has calmed down, a YEAR or two ago I dived into makeup like food, I enjoyed the smell of makeup, I would spend my LAST on makeup (which I no longer do) and craved makeup like a fat girl craves a cheeseburger. And so I guess a young girl is glowing up (smiles).



How I really want to dress, Look how happy she looks. LOL


Back to my main topic “E-S-C-A-P-I-N-G F-U-N”, I know what you’re thinking “why would you want to escape fun”, my focus is to establish myself a career so that I am able to enjoy futuristic fun and move at a pace with less worry. What I mean by worry I mean MONEY, MULA, QIAN. That last word means money in Chinese, thought that was cool.

In this world, everybody knows money is essential to survival. Financial status is important and fun continually repeats meaning, IT WILL ALWAYS BE THERE. Fun to me is evolving with life and following the path laid out for me. No, I lied, that is not fun, and I dodged all those paths when I was eighteen unknowingly dreading it. It is challenging! Like seriously no one, wants to wake up every day and go to work and do the same thing repeatedly or enjoy the storms of lessons that come in drown you under a tidal wave. The good thing about it is watching me grow into an intelligent, beautiful God-fearing woman and most importantly making my parents proud. Hi Mom and Dad if you are reading this (smiles).

The path is difficult because I am learning myself on top of learning everything else but I guess that is exactly how the puzzle pieces of life lessons find their way together. Fun is what you make it; fun was never for the pleasing of others but for me. I love my secret quite place where I pray, meditate and sometimes I just enjoy the silence of it and I consider that highly fun, more so peaceful but fun too, because I get to sit by myself and unravel my brain, it’s quite funny the things I pull out to find (side smirk).

Introvert Secret weapon one of our greatest coping mechanisms for handling social situations.- Amy Schumer




Meditating at Bowie State University (one of my secret places)  



Adam. RedMan.

He is my Adam.

When I close my eyes I feel him moving all inside of me.

He is always there watching me, the way he looks at me, the stare awankend my soul, sweet and gentle to my spirit. It puts me away and draws me in close to him

My love…

I want to follow him where ever he goes. 

He loves me beyond the word love.

I am his and I belong to his body. 

Moon lovers my heart beats on top of his heart pound. 

The sound of passion and the feel of existing with one true love. The body made for my love…


My Best Hair Care Product

I have been without relaxers for almost four years. My search for hair care products has been crazy, I mean I really did not know what to use and transitioning from relaxed hair to my natural roots was challenging.  I would watch natural hair tutorials on YouTube and I noticed the many different products girls were using. These products were expensive and I did not want to keep purchasing different products that were not working on my hair.

Reasons why I choose Garnier Fruitis


  • Cost effective
  • Smells good
  • Perfect for my hair texture
  • Keeps hair hydrated and moisturized
  • Great for detangling

I am a full time college student with one income; this was just a perfect option for me. Not to mention it actually works. The product I use frequently from Garnier is the Garnier Frutis sleek and shine intensely smooth leave in conditioner cream.


I do bleaching once every two months, so I have to keep my hair conditioned throughout the day. The leave in conditioner does multiple jobs such as eliminating frizz, dry unmanageable hair, and it has nutritive fruit micro oil for daily moisture.

I love this product! Perfect for on the go activities, after I shower I add extra moisture which is my mixture of olive oil, coconut oil and water. Then I apply the Garnier Frutis leave in conditioner cream.

Why to love?

  • Hair protection
  • Daily life activities (jogging, running errands, or just simply running around at work)
  • Good for colored hair 

I would advise natural hair women to use what works best for their hair and what brings results as I did. This product can be found in your local drug stores such as walgreens, cvs and grocery stores as well.  

In addition another product I absolutely love is Motions for natural textures heat styled straight finish leave in conditioner.thumbnail_IMG_5869What does it have?

  • Coconut oil
  • Keratin
  • Shea butter

Another plus for daily moisture and revives bleached hair. This product is food for my hair and I love it!